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Marli dos Santos Dias Tolk-en Vertaaldiensten
Intercultural skills and proficiency in a globalized world

The art of simultaneous interpretation is not only about words or languages… It’s also about to get into the spirit of the message and to be able to process it in a nano second into another tongue...

Every second, trillions of bits of information enter the brain. The more signals sent between two neurons, the stronger the connection grows. Whenever we learn something new, with each new experience and each remembered event or fact, the brain slightly re-wires its physical structure. Education generate knowledge, and knowledge put into practice translates in high-skilled performance. 

The mission of Marli dos Santos Dias, the person behind this Interpretation and Translation agency, is to deliver to all her clients such high-skilled performance, so, education, high-level knowledge, qualifications and experiences become paramount. 

In a globalized world, everything is constantly changing, and knowledge has to be continuously updated. Marli is frequently following vocational courses in The Netherlands and abroad, and she is able to support globalization of her clients' businesses from a linguistic and cultural standpoint. To get an impression, please, visit the topics "Qualifications" & "Specialisations".

The Agency Tolk-en Vertaalbureau M. Dos Santos Dias was established in 2001 by Marli Dos Santos Dias and it’s a certified agency in The Netherlands. Marli is also registered in the Dutch Legal Register Sworn Interpreters and Translators, with identification number 470. She works with absolute discretion, with utmost confidentiality when it comes to documents and data of her clients.

Marli has dual citizenship, Brazilian and Dutch. She was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and lived, studied and worked also in Italy and Portugal. Marli speaks fluently the languages of the four countries where she was living, and she is very engaged in the society of those countries. She is also consultant between Portuguese speaking countries and The Netherlands. Marli loves to travel and she is always willing to assist delegations abroad and in The Netherlands. 

Marli’s passion for linguistics and different cultures are translated into her intercultural skills and proficiency in a globalized world, building bridges between people, countries and cultures.